About The Project

The Challenge

The challenge was creating a unique burger joint, from start to finish, that would stand out among the multitude of burger establishments available in Toronto. From brainstorming the name of the restaurant, to menu creation and everything in betweern, our BoxHeads collaborated and worked directly with our client to overcome this challenge.



Web & App


What We Did

Developing campaign strategies

We were able to create menu items like “Jamaican Me Crazy”, “So Cheesed”, “Meltdown” and even “What’s Your Beef?” as the company’s slogan. The social media strategy was centred on touching consumer emotions and enticing customers to Hangry Burger through quality food photography, engaging content and strategically scheduling social media posts around lunchtime or dinner.


Our SEO strategy reached this demographic as well, targeting an audience of ‘hangry’ individuals seeking a fulfilling meal.  The wireframe of the website was simple, visual and continued the theme of catering to the emotions of consumers through exceptional food photography & a user-friendly interface

The results

What was the result?

Within the first month of building up anticipation for the opening of the restaurant, the Hangry Burger Instagram account gained over 2,000 followers and Facebook built an audience of ‘Hangry ‘consumers.


The result lead to bloggers and foodies mentioning Hangry Burger in their posts and expressing excitement over the opening of the restaurant.  Moreover, food vendors began contacting Hangry Burger via social media to serve their products in the establishment.