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You have a beautiful website, but there’s no one watching. Our SEO experts will help drive traffic to your website & get you discovered.

Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service helps companies in Mississauga, Toronto, and the GTA get new business from top search engines.

A large percentage of the online community relies on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo to direct them to businesses, products, and or services just like yours. It’s important to be recognized and “rank” highly within the search engine world. For example, when making a search on Google, the average person doesn’t go past the second page to look for something that they need or want. If you’re not ranked on the first or second page of the search engine, chances are you won’t be found!

Our Mississauga SEO company bases its Local Search Engine Optimization Services on 4 phases.

Our Services

Initial Research, Audit and Analysis

This phase is very important as it allows our team to understand what your current SEO services have done for you, if you have any at all.  Our team will use this for a framework.

Leave it to the Outsite The Box | SEO company to help you rank and grow your business to the next level! Our Search Engine Optimization service is based on a monthly term, please contact us for a detailed overview and explanation of how our SEO services work and how it will benefit your company. All Search Engine Optimization in done in house at our Mississauga location.

Keyword Research

Outsite The Box will identify the best keywords to target that will produce the best results for you once top SEO rankings have been achieved.  This is to ensure that you get a top ROI for using Outsite The Box SEO services.

Google Analytics Analysis

As part of our SEO services our team reviews past performance through Google Analytics.  From these results, we can optimize your campaign for better local search rankings.  Our SEO services include constant analysis for ongoing improvement and higher rankings.

Google Webmaster Tools Analysis

Reviewing your site for technical issues is also part of our SEO services.  Our team uses Google and Bing Webmaster Tools to find any issues that may have a negative effect on your rankings.

Backlink Analysis

This process allows our SEO services team to go through links that are on the web that point back to your site.  They will remove “spammy” links other SEO services might have offered you, which hinder your rankings.  Outsite The Box SEO services only practice white hat SEO.

Site Audit

This audit performed by our SEO  team here in Mississauga include various factors such as load speeds, linking, URL structure, tags, meta descriptions, alt tags etc.  We also include factors that influence your conversions because you ultimately want visitors to turn into customers.

Initial Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO company will use the results from the Research, audit and analysis phase to perform one-time optimization activities.

Website Redesign:  In some scenarios a complete overhaul of your website is necessary in order for you to gain top ranks in search engines, or to convert your visitors into customers.  Our SEO services team and design team will work hand in hand to develop a great concept for your company. All website design work is done in house in Mississauga.

Code Overhaul:  If a complete redesign of your site is not needed, the code will be updated to make it more SEO friendly.  This can range from making your existing code lighter to replacing code in order to make it up to date, all while maintaining your existing design.

Link Removal:  Our Mississauga SEO company will review the link profile analysis and begin to remove any links that will harm your rank results.

SEO Content Creation

Although there is an overlap between link building and content creation, our SEO services offer an added service to consistently create new content that is optimized for your website.  This is to increase traffic to your website with content that is now optimized for conversions.

Blogging:  This added service to our SEO services will keep your visitors coming back to your website to explore new content.  Coupled with social media, it is a great avenue for back-links to your website.

SEO Content Writing:  Our SEO services include reviews of your content to see if new content needs to be added in order to maintain your competitive edge.  The more content and visibility you have, the better your ROI.

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SEO Link Building

This phase included in our SEO service is on-going and requires constant care and attention.  Back-links to your website need to be constantly added and removed to maintain your rank on search engines.

Link Monitoring: It is important that our team keeps an eye on links.  Other Mississauga SEO companies may build links and forget, but our team understands that by monitoring these links to ensure you don’t become a victim of negative SEO results is important to your company.

Competitor Research:  This part of our SEO service monitors the activity of your competitors to ensure that you rank higher than them.

Brand Monitoring:  Our SEO company monitors mentions of your brand online and reach out to websites to ensure that there is a back-link to your website.

Online PR:  Our SEO company seeks to build links for you on top tier news and information websites known as authoritative websites.  Back-links from these website are high in quality and do wonders for your search engine rankings.

Ongoing Analysis

As our SEO services provide you with all the activities mentioned, our team will be constantly analyzing results and providing you with monthly reports to show you what your results are.  Our SEO company will show you how many visitors you had, from where, when and why.  They will show you where you stand in terms of search engine rankings, how many impressions you have received and how many visits this amounted to from your search terms.

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