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Holding SEO Rankings in 2015

In today’s world of technology, staying up to speed on the needs of the online search engines is more important than ever. SEO today has become an integral part of online marketing – companies are finding it harder to exist today without the validity of the online world. Yes, it’s a fast-paced world out there, and companies that want to continue to thrive in it must understand and accept the importance of SEO.

The Times Are Changing.

Every week seems to bring about even more change in the ever-evolving world of SEO. It’s important for SEO professionals today to constantly be adapting to the changes in this technology.

Holding Rank

One of the biggest changes in SEO technology is the way keywords are read. Up until around 2011, keywords were critical to being found and ranked highly. However, Google changed the way searches are conducted and now emphasizes the importance of various components. Before this change, the Internet was loaded with websites that featured poorly written and constructed content – containing irrelevant keywords and/or keywords that would be quickly found on search engines.

Though this type of content did the job of bringing a website up in search rankings, the misleading practice called for unfriendly user experience and ensured that visitors would not return to the website. Google’s change in the search process eliminated the practice of “keyword” stuffing and has made it essential for content providers to pay attention to the quality of content they are putting on the web.

Another major factor in successful SEO today is to have a well-structured website that flows easily and also loads quickly. It may seem simple, but this part of SEO is also responsible for providing users a high quality experience while searching the web.

These are just a few of the factors that are important when thinking about and planning successful SEO. However, search engine algorithms are constantly updating so it is essential to be continuously adapting to the new changes to continue ranking. Get in touch with one of our Outsite The Box SEO specialists to discover how search engine optimization can help your business.

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