Web Developer Toronto

SEO VS PPC – What should you invest in?

If you’ve thought about investing more time and money into your business, you’re on the right track. If you’re not going to invest in your own brand, why should someone else? Whether you have a fully structured website or a landing page, you’re already one step...

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New Year, New Strategy

Welcoming a new year means everyone adopting the wildly overused “New Year, New Me” philosophy. As we are a couple weeks into 2016, the philosophy can definitely be applied to your marketing strategy. Nothing better than actually accomplishing the goals you set out at the...

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Search Engine Optimization

Holding SEO Rankings in 2015

In today’s world of technology, staying up to speed on the needs of the online search engines is more important than ever. SEO today has become an integral part of online marketing – companies are finding it harder to exist today without the validity of...

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What You Should Know About SEO

If you are a business with a website, chances are you’re familiar with search engine optimization, or SEO. But what is SEO exactly, and why does good SEO matter? SEO is a process through which a website is optimized to improve its visibility among search engine results. In...

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