5 Tips to Step Up Your 2017 Digital Marketing Strategy

A New Year means it’s time for a new marketing game plan. Even if you’ve been doing well thus far, the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing means that now is the time to improve on what you’ve already implemented.

One of the best ways to ensure success in the New Year is to develop an integrated digital marketing strategy. Your goal for this year should involve implementing a brand strategy that is complemented by a strong digital presence. You need a website that effectively tells your brand’s story, and engaging content that will help you attract and convert visitors, whether they find your website organically or through paid advertisements.

We’ve compiled a few tips to think about as you prepare your game plan for 2017:

Does your online presence need an overhaul?

There’s no question about it – first impressions are important. In the digital era we’re in, your audience needs information, and fast. It’s a deterrent if your visitors don’t find what they’re looking for instantly or must scroll through a website that hasn’t been re-designed since 2006. Be simple with your design and your approach. Optimize your website for mobile devices and re-evaluate how your company is presented online.

Your SEO needs a facelift, too

Staying atop of Google’s algorithms can be a tedious task, especially when your primary focus is on the daily operations of your business. As per Google, mobile-optimized websites will be ranked higher and voice search functionalities will be more prominently used across search engines. Tweaking your SEO strategy (both on and off-page) will play a big role in how your customers find you in the coming year.

Step Up Your Social Media Game

If you’ve been neglecting social media in the past, this year is the time to start implementing your strategy. It can be intimidating creating a presence among the millions of accounts out there. Nonetheless, your target audience is likely on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter which means you need to be there as well. Be consistent, get your message across and engage with potential customers – you never know who’s watching.

Make the most out of your PPC Campaign

Running a successful PPC campaign means your company making the most out of its marketing dollars. If your strategy has run poorly in the past, now is the time to change your approach, lower your Cost Per Click and increase the visibility of your ads. (Sidenote: Outsite The Box is a Google Partner – we can definitely help!)


Every part of your marketing strategy should work simultaneously and relay a consistent message. Between PPC, SEO, Social Media and your overall web presence, ensure your audience understands exactly what you’re all about.

Start fresh this New Year with a new approach!

If you need help kickstarting (or dare we say, thinking outside the box!) with your 2017 marketing strategy – Give our Boxheads a call! 

Meira Khosla About the author

Meira is the Social Media Manager of Outsite the Box, Event Organizer at The Hip Haus, and Co-Founder/Consultant for her makeup company, Lash Bosses. A graduate of McMaster University, she started working at a prestigious financial institution downtown Toronto as a student before realizing her passion was in marketing and joined Outsite the Box/Hip Haus. She thoroughly enjoys eating (at least 6 times a day), going to the gym (to counteract the eating), and forcing her dog Bentley to hang out with her.

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