Social Media Do’s & Dont’s

Whether you’re a newcomer getting accustomed to the nuances of different social platforms or constantly active on multiple social platforms, it’s important to keep in mind your personal reputation and maintaining professional business etiquette as a brand. ...

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Instagram Management Toronto

How to Use Instagram Stories for Business

  Now that we’ve had some time to digest Instagram’s latest update incorporating the never-before-seen “Stories” feature showcasing 10-second Snapchats (…oh wait) of a users day, it’s time to evaluate what this really means for your business. Taking a page (or a chapter) from Snapchat’s model, Instagram Stories...

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New Year, New Strategy

Welcoming a new year means everyone adopting the wildly overused “New Year, New Me” philosophy. As we are a couple weeks into 2016, the philosophy can definitely be applied to your marketing strategy. Nothing better than actually accomplishing the goals you set out at the...

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