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SEO VS PPC – What should you invest in?

If you’ve thought about investing more time and money into your business, you’re on the right track. If you’re not going to invest in your own brand, why should someone else? Whether you have a fully structured website or a landing page, you’re already one step...

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Instagram Management Toronto

How to Use Instagram Stories for Business

  Now that we’ve had some time to digest Instagram’s latest update incorporating the never-before-seen “Stories” feature showcasing 10-second Snapchats (…oh wait) of a users day, it’s time to evaluate what this really means for your business. Taking a page (or a chapter) from Snapchat’s model, Instagram Stories...

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Pokemon Go-es Viral

Over a week ago, the terms “Pikachu” and “Gotta Catch Em All” were just a mere memory in the lives of many, stashed away in our brain as nostalgia of the 90’s. Fast forward to this moment and you can’t go throughout the day without...

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