New Year, New Strategy

Welcoming a new year means everyone adopting the wildly overused “New Year, New Me” philosophy. As we are a couple weeks into 2016, the philosophy can definitely be applied to your marketing strategy. Nothing better than actually accomplishing the goals you set out at the beginning of the year, right?

If one of your goals was to breathe some fresh air into your existing marketing strategy, look no further! We’ve created a simple “to-do” list of elements to consider when it comes to refreshing & re-energizing your brand image:

  1. Social Media Presence
    What was working last year? What wasn’t? Building a strong social media presence is crucial for just about every brand these days. Choosing the right medium for your message is also essential, too. If you’re not on Instagram, try it out! Build a following on Facebook and interact with your followers on Twitter. If you feel like you’re stretched for time, try automating your messages by using helpful social media scheduling tools that will lineup your posts for you. Some of our favourite tools are Meet Edgar & Hootsuite.
  2. Logo
    Your logo is your company’s identity, the most discernable aspect of your brand that differentiates you from others. While you may already have an amazing logo, you can opt for a small facelift which can make all the difference. Check out the 10 Best Logo Changes of 2015 to get an idea of what these modifications look like here.
  3. Website Makeover
    Maybe it’s time to start using the blog feature you’ve been meaning to add. Think about creating new content/verbiage or adding components to your existing website. These elements should be applied year-round to keep your website fresh and continue attracting visitors to your website who are engaged and browsing for the information they’re looking for. These features will also assist in your SEO endeavors when users are searching for companies in your industry on popular search engines.
  4. Marketing Strategy
    How are you reaching your customers currently? Do you want to reach more or find new ways to reach them? There are many different components to consider when creating a new marketing strategy.
  5. Advertising
    You can have a website and just “exist” on the Internet, or you can actually make use out of it. By investing marketing dollars into Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will have your audience access the necessary information they need to what they need out of your product/service.
    Another way to start accessing customers is to utilize ads through popular social mediums. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram are great platforms that allow businesses to create their own ads and promote their businesses to a targeted audience.

At Outsite the Box, our aim is to help entrepreneurs and businesses create a marketing strategy built to succeed. The Good Start Bundle includes all components necessary for creating a brand identity and bringing your company characteristics to life. This is great for start-ups, new businesses, or anyone looking for a fresh start in the new year!



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