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Web Design – Why Looks Matter

Our last blog post talked about the importance of web design from an aesthetic perspective – because, whether we like it or not, people do make judgements based on appearances. But the importance of good web design goes beyond appearances.

Trust: Quality web design is significant when it comes to whether visitors trust your brand and the information contained on your site. While content does matter and should not be neglected, the way your content is presented goes a long way to whether your brand is trusted. Not only does your site have to look good, it needs to be easy to read and navigate, and make it easy for visitors to take action.

SEO: Good web design is a key element in search engine optimization. Sure, having the right keywords is a part of it, but if your site still isn’t ranking, poor design may be to blame. Responsive and mobile friendly websites are now being ranked higher. On the technical side, good web design influences how your website is viewed by search engines – another reason why you should consider spending more than a few hundred bucks on professional web design.

Conversion: Most businesses are hoping their website is going to bring them paying customers – otherwise, what’s the point of having one, right? But having a poorly designed site or failing to consider the importance your website should be playing in your overall marketing strategy likely won’t get the results you’re looking for. Besides trust, good web design that makes your site easy to navigate, with well-written, SEO optimized content and calls to action, and good use of images and colour goes a long way to towards turning website visitors into paying customers.

Want more info? Check out this article on the effect good web design has on branding, SEO and building consumer trust.

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