What It Takes to be an Entrepreneur

They say “entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”

You’ve come up with this incredible idea. An idea that you believe with the right resources, planning, and execution, this idea could come to fruition. You’re passionate, ambitious, and courageous – this could actually work.


You’re an entrepreneur.

Making the choice to become an entrepreneur is not an easy one, anyone can tell you that. You may be fresh out of college or university with a breadth of knowledge ready to use or working the 9-5, clocking in and out with no real drive or purpose for the task at hand.

We can certainly relate to the trials and tribulations of becoming an entrepreneur. We are a team of individuals with varying skill sets, bringing passion and drive to accomplish a collective goal; to create something bigger than each one of us individually.

We’ve experienced the corporate lifestyle, working consistent hours 5 days a week, completing routine tasks. But, we’re young, ambitious, and curious, which led us to follow our gut instincts and think “outside the box”.


Our team has composed a few tips for fellow entrepreneurs:

1. Set attainable goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Same goes for your business. By setting, maintaining and achieving the goals that you set out for, there’s no reason why your company can’t be successful.

2. You can’t run it alone. Having a solid team to build the foundation of your company is essential. Yes, this is your company but the combination of value-based individuals each with their own strong, diverse skill set that complement each other is all a part of growing.

3. Rejection. Having the phone hung up on you countless times and endless doors being slammed in your face is all a part of creating something new. Rejection is always hard, but being confident in your product or service and overcoming rejection is one of the greatest lessons being an entrepreneur has to offer.

4. Struggle and sacrifice. Being an entrepreneur certainly doesn’t come without its share of difficulties. It definitely is a risky endeavour that requires you to remain focused on the end goal to continue what you started and continue doing what your company is best at.

5. Be your own motivation. There will be days when the easiest thing you can do is give up. Keep. Going. This is your baby, this is your creation – make sure everyone knows it.

6. Always remember why you started. Always look back to where you came from and the purpose behind your company. For us, we never forget why the founders of our company came up with an idea 5 years ago that led into the team, clients, brand we have worked so hard for today.

Because we understand first-hand what it means to be an entrepreneur, our Outsite the Box team supports new businesses and start-ups with our services to help get started. We cater towards new businesses by offering services such as our Good Start Bundle, creating the necessities that are essential in terms of branding your new business.

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